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"I received the DVD. Thank you so much. It was just as you described. I so enjoyed watching it again. It brought back many good memories. I understand why Disney never released it but to me, it is history. Nobody agrees with slavery anymore and Uncle Remus is a wonderful example of a loving person in a time of hardship. Thanks again. "Linda"

"Thank you for taking checks and money orders! I don't like to use a credit card online and you made it so easy. I received my copy of Song of The South today. It is just as you described on your website. The quality is quite good and I am very pleased! Thanks again for bringing back some sweet memories and bringing a smile to my face!" "We watched the movie last night and it was a HIT!!! My children laughed and laughed. When it was over, my father-in-law begged me for a copy. So I gave it to him, and just ordered two more from you."

"We have received the DVD and I love it!!! My daughter and I have watched it three times in two days. As a child, this was one of my favorite movies and it touches my heart to hear my child sing the songs with me!!! Thank you for making it possible for my family to experience this treasure."

"I'm so happy! This movie is one of my all time favorites and now I have a beautiful DVD. Thank you!"

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For faster service you can order your Song of the South DVDs today using the U.S. Postal Service COD service.
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Plan on being home or at the office to receive your shipment in person. Just pay your mail carrier the price on the order form below when your package arrives at your home or office. You can pay with check, cash or money order. We normally ship your order the next business day following receipt of this form. It's that simple.
There is a small (up to $5) COD fee charged by the Postal Service reflected in the prices on the form. First Class Shipping is still always FREE.
Save the COD Fee and order via Check or Money Order. We ship these orders when the payment clears our bank. That's usually 2 to 3 business days after deposit to our account.

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